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To become a Full Brother, you must be a man of color and complete a pledge process that lasts 3 to 6 months, depending on how long it takes the pledge class to bond, learn the required information and complete the required activities.  Full Brothers have voting rights and other privileges within the chapter.  Associates may be men or women of any color or orientation and are required to complete an affiliation period during which they must participate in ONYX activities, attend events or otherwise contribute to the Chapter.


The membership will conduct an interest gathering that could take place at a scheduled bar night or other meeting.  At this gathering, you will be provided the opportunity to meet all of the current membership and ask any questions you may have about the organization in general or chapter in particular.  Prior to this interest meeting, you would be encouraged to attend our events, allowing you to get to know us and vice versa.


There will also be a vetting process established by the Membership Chair that will allow all members to participate in the interviewing process.  Those brothers participating will be responsible to reporting all findings to the Membership Chair to determine recommendation to the coming pledge class.  Upon acceptance into the pledge class, you will be provided with your requirements, including attending meetings, completing assignments and active participation in ONYX events during the pledge period.


To become a member or to renew your membership, please take a moment to complete this form.  New members must attach a photo (face pic) along with their application.


Membership Levels:


FULL BROTHER: Open only to Men of Color living within the Southwest region with intention of active participation. You will receive voting rights, eligible for elective offices and a seat as a representative at formal business meetings. You must not be a full member of any other club of this type. Leasing of colors granted. Initiation and yearly fees apply. Photo and proof of age required. $75 annual dues.


PLEDGES: Open only to Men of Color living within the Southwest region who are also in good standing shall be entitled to attend all meetings and other functions of the organization, however, Pledges may be asked to withdraw during certain discussions. Pledges do not have any voting rights within the organization. $35 app fee must be paid before the start of your pledge program. This fee is refundable if you exit the program or you do not cross.


ASSOCIATE: Open to all regardless of race, color, club affiliation or distance. Leasing of associate colors (small insigna) only granted. Yearly fees apply. In person or video interview required. Photo and proof of age required. $50 Annual Dues

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