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(Click on the individual event flyer to see photos of that event)

Blatino Oasis 2023
OC Pride Event 2023
Leather Bear
Eight Years of Kink
Kilted Jewels
Off Sunset Festival
Naughty Pup
Lucky Boy
Lip Service
Hard Tool


ONYX Blackout 27

ONYX Blackout 27

Oct. 6 - 10, 2022

BLACKOUT is the biannual leather run of ONYX, a national organization founded by and for men of color who enjoy the leather lifestyle and believe in inclusivity.

Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL)

Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL)

Jan. 12 - 15, 2024

Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend is a three-day long party and event with participants that now number in the thousands. The heart of the weekend is the historic leather formal Saturday evening cocktail social, Leather Cocktails.

International Mr. Leather / International Mr. Bootblack (IML/IMB)

International Mr. Leather / International Mr. Bootblack (IML/IMB)

May 25 - 29, 2023

International Mister Leather (IML) is one of the world’s largest gatherings of leathermen and BDSM aficionados. Held every Memorial Day weekend in Chicago, IML spans several days and includes the International Mister Leather competition in addition to other events, such as workshops, socials, themed dance parties and a leather vendor market.

CLAW Presents LA Leather Getaway

CLAW Presents LA Leather Getaway

April 11-14, 2024

The 3rd Annual Leather Getaway is fastly becoming one of the largest gatherings of tribes in the LGBTQ+ fetish community. As a fully encompassing weekend of skills & education classes, kink vending, inclusive socials, game shows, speed dating, sex positive events, dinners, cruising, and more (all under one roof), the Leather Getaway's fetish focused weekend won't disappoint.

Presented by CLAW, a not-for-profit corporation, The Leather Getaway is not a title competition, but rather serves as a fundraiser with proceeds from the event going to local and national LGTBQ+ charities. To date, the CLAW Corporation has disbursed nearly one million dollars to more than fifty beneficiaries.

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